A little about me 
Hi! I am Björn from Friedrichshafen (South Germany). Here I live with my wife and our daughter. After working as a wedding photographer for a few years, I withdrew from the business in 2018 because I find the difference between imagining a creative accompaniment and the reality too great - stress, annoying relatives, and often extreme time pressure take away my creativity. Anyone can take standard photos ... Now I'm only taking pictures of what I want to do - which is nice for me. I do not live (more) true to the motto "higher, faster, farther", but try to live the things that really matter in life: love, respect, honesty & sincerity. These things make me happy.
Born in Karlsruhe, I lived in Weinheim until the end of 2017. Among other things, I was an independent web designer and CMS developer for over 10 years. I am a 70's child and grew up with analogue photography.